Latest News

September, 2013

Come and visit us in Paris at the EAS 2013

Porte de Versailles, hall 4
booth no. 1241

August, 2013

Our latest development, the


has been installed at Moravia Thermal Therme, Pasohlavky

June, 2013

Inauguration of Hartwigsen Waterslides at
Center Parks, Bostalsee, Germany

January, 2013

Our latest developement is the AquaMatch.
- win the race - start in a threesome - who will win?

January, 2013

The slides are open since December 2012. All araound bright faces.

December, 2012

The Space Center in the Future World at Palm Beach in Stein is in its final throes. On December, 12th, more than 1600 metres of the slides shall be ready for its use.
The new highlights will be the AquaMatch, the AquaRacer, the Double-AquaLoop with an AquaRocket and a new AquaBowl.

October, 2012

We had also a very nice booth at the Interbad in Stuttgart.
With many visitors and guests the exhibition was succesful.

October, 2012

At the EAS in Berlin we presented succesfully our new attractions.

July, 2012

Worlds news: Evolution, a combination of the AquaBowl and the AquaPendulum.
A new tubeslide with fun and action.

July, 2012

Not only lovely styled waterslides have been built-on in Weinheim at the Miramar. They promise even more - fun, action and adrenalin.
These slides come up to your expectations.
Germany‘s first DoubleAquaLoop with an AquaRocket start is installed at a hight of 17 metres.
World‘s news: Evolution, a combination of an AquaBowl and our AquaPendulum.
And the AquaRacer, 177 metres with double tubes and a variety of attractions.

July, 2012

New, the AquaRocket to launch by the user himself, is installed in Karlsruhe at the Europabad. The longest 10 seconds of your life are waiting for you


Since january the AquaBowl, called Space Taifun in Köln, is in operation

September 2011

Come and visit us at the EAS in London
at Booth no. 400, Olympia Hall

August, 2011

AquaFun - The waterpark for young families opens at Herzogenaurach
For Kids aged 4 - 14

December, 20th 2010

The AquaPendulum opens at christmas

December, 2010

New! AquaPendulum
Our latest development will be brought on line before christmas.

November, 2010

At the SwissBad we presented the double AquaLoop, AquaRacer and the project Aquabasilea.

October, 2010

Our booth at the Interbad in Stuttgart 2010.
With a lot of interesting and pleasent conversations the 4 days exhibition passed to fast. Thank you for visiting us!

October, 2010

With a presentation of the AquaLoop, AquaRacer and AquaChoice we were for the first time at the EAS in Rome

13. - 16. Oktober 2010

Interbad Stuttgart 2010
13. - 16. Oktober

October, 6th - 8th, 2010

We invite you to visit us in Rome at the
EAS, hall 5 booth number 1400.

Let us meet in Rome!

December, 20th, 2009

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

27.-30. October 2009

FSB 2009 in Cologne.
find us in Hall 11.1, J 059
more informations: www.hartwigsen.de/fsb_2009


The next AquaLoop
Aqualand in Cologne gets the first AquaLoop with AquaRocket in Germany.

18.11. - 21.11.2008

Sensational presentation of AquaLoop and AquaRocket by Whitewater west at the IAAPA trade show in Orlando, Florida. As before at the Interbad fair, trial of a real AquaRocket was the highlight of the show.


License agreement with Whitewater West, Richmond, Canada about sales of AquaLoop worldwide exept Europe

December 2006

International patent application for AquaLoop

October 2007

Successful trade fair appearance at the fsb in Cologne. First ever presentation of 4 totally new products: AquaRacer, AquaChoice, AquaRocket and AquaLoop

15 March 2008

Inauguration of AquaRacer, a slide modelled on Formula 1
racing. All the thrill of the race on single or double inner-tubes.

2 May 2008

AquaChoice – the first slide with Y junction – is approved by TÜV and goes into operation at Bahia in Bocholt.

May 2008

Contract awarded for large-scale complex with a total of 6 slides at aquabasilea, Switzerland

1 June 2008

The worlds very first AquaLoop and AquaRocket go into
operation in Moravske/Toplice
Approved by TÜV Germany and TÜV Austria.