Lighting effects
With individually incorporated motifs, the slide becomes a real experience. In red, blue, green, yellow or colourless. Colours and shapes can be individually designed. When it gets dark, this section of the slide is illuminated with spotlights.

Illuminated picture motifs
Incorporated motifs, illuminated by means of backlighting.

8-channel LED running light
With effects such as counter-directional lighting and tunnel or rotation effects, the running light is a real experience.
148 light diodes per meter of slide surface area.
45 different effect combinations, infinitely variable programming in terms of its speed.


Running light with system bus
A lighting system with similar effects, such as counter-directional lighting, flashing lights, rotation effect, corkscrew, quartered lighting, moving stripes and all other lighting combinations. The effects are controlled by means of a bus system and each individual LED can be separately controlled and programmed. When switched on, all of the LED lights undergo an automatic self-test.

A sea of lights made up of multi-coloured points of light or twinkling stars. Four different colours are standard, although wheels of light with eight dichriotic colour filters can also be used. The projector’s light source has a lifespan of approx. 6,000 hours. Housing and installation are in accordance with the IP65 safety standard.


Both stroboscope lighting effects as well as flashing lights or individual lighting on the basis of LEDs can be created with this feature. The length of the light and dark phases can be programmed as desired.

Crazy Light
Available in two versions. 16 LED lighting clusters per slide element are located on the outside of the slide, shining inwards. The LEDs are spread right around the entire circumference of the tunnel. Coloured yellow, blue, red or green, the lights can flash simultaneously or alternately, or they can be permanently lit up or pulsate like a stroboscope.
By fitting it with a circuit board, each light can emit four different colours.
The LEDs’ lifespan is approx. 100,000 hours.



Projection onto the inner wall of the slide using a multimedia projector. Image size: approx. 2 x 1 m.


Lighting vertex
Consisting of a translucent strip running along the centre of the slide. No additional lighting.


Lighting barrel
16 light strips running along the inside of the tunnel provide a stunning lighting display. 

Water screen
A projection system with integrated screen of water for moving 3D graphics, metal gobos and effect wheels. The image is projected by means of a time-controlled effect changer, and the projector is mounted inside a protective casing.

A fully automatic sound system with MP3 player and amplifier leaves no wishes unfulfilled.
Sounds of lightning and thunder can also be generated with a cinema flash player, so that the pool attendant’s room no longer resembles a media room.